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Air Conditioning Service Equipment

The TEXA Konfort 700 model is a Fully automatic A/C charging station. It offers value for money with unrivalled simplicity of use. Comes complete with a vehicle database (optional printer) using the latest technology.

Totally automated operation (full automatic service or manual selection as required).
Simple keypad programming in under a minute!
Recovers and recycles refrigerant.
Vacuums and dries the system.
Checks for leaks automatically.
Automatic input of compressor oil if necessary.
Automatic input of UV dye.
Recharges system accurately.
Take ‘Live’ readings to check operation of vehicles A/C.
Diagnose system faults in minutes.
The average service costs less than five pounds!
Enclosed refrigerant tank, recharged from a bottle in minutes.
The whole operation is automatic - just connect, press enter and walk away!
One vehicle a month to pay for itself.
A/C parts program for competitive prices.
Full technical support and training.
The TEXA Konfort 650 model is a Fully automatic A/C charging station.


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