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Axone Nemo


Axone 3 MobileThe latest addition to the Texa range, the Axone Nemo is an ideal multi-brand and multi-environmental diagnostic tool that has revolutionised the way that technicians can receive important information.

The Axone Nemo has been designed for ease of use as well as offering comprehensive access to a full range of diagnostic and auto diagnostic functions. The Axone Nemo uses an Automatic Search Function to find the vehicle first time. Solved Problems on-line for when they are needed, wiring diagrams and technical support to fix the problems. This system is very fast, very easy to use and is a great investment for now and in the future with new features like Doip being available soon.


With all vehicles now being equipped with increasingly complex electronic systems, repairers are required to have more specific skills and must be able to diagnose problems quickly and accurately.

IDC5 is a new concept in which the technical database is fully integrated into the instrument to provide the operator with the information and technical data needed to service all on-board systems.

This software manages automatically the connection with each Texa tool, and it allows to easily use the diagnostic resources as far as the gas analysis, the oscilloscope and so on, during the same check on the same car.

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