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Axone Mini


AXONE 4 Mini is not just attractive. It’s amazingly robust too. It is designed to conform to military standard MIL STD 810 and can withstand use in the tough, hostile environments often encountered by the professional mechanic.


The AXONE 4 Mini is manufactured on ultra-modern and fully automatic assembly lines that apply extremely tough quality controls and ensure total product traceability. TEXA is one of only a few companies in the diagnostics sector to be certified to ISO TS 16949, the standard demanded of OEM suppliers to the automotive industry.


TEXA rigorously tests all of its tools. A series of purpose-built machines are used from the design stage to replicate common functions thousands and thousands of times, simulating a whole lifetime of use in the workshop. Monitors, keypads and composite parts are subjected to the most intensive stress tests, which are also repeated on samples throughout the production phase.